It’s a Wrap!

4 minutes of a Wonderful Experience

The audience before the show... a party after the show, a big thank you to producers Jo and Simone

a good goodbye to Simone... and a rich Chocolate Experience for the cast!



Dayna's reflections:"The performance week was a wicked ride..."

Given its name, the Experience Collider project was exactly how one would expect it to be: an experience. As a young abled artist, any opportunity to express myself through physical performance is a gift; so when I was offered to be involved in a production that was going to be different from any other that I’d participated in before, I was instinctively curious. I recall the first few rehearsals as “odd, creative and beautiful.” To be encouraged to move through interpretation and improve was extremely new to me and I’ll admit a struggle. However, I was motivated by collaborating with artists that didn’t share the same abilities as myself but possess the epic capability of imagination, wonder and inclusivity which provides one with such gratitude and a fresh perspective for possibility...

Eighteen months only seems like eighteen months when you look back. Nonetheless, you sub-consciously feel such time weighing on you when creating a production; particularly when you must establish relationships with your cast and crew as the standard language of verbal communication is distorted into something that fits everyone. The motivation can lag, the desire to continue is tiresome and the effort starts to run low. I felt like this someway into production, I had external priorities and wants that outweighed the desire to pursue a position as a member of the cast. In spite of my doubts, one day during rehearsals I looked around the cramped tent and noticed the sense of connection. The team that surrounded me was working for something greater than all of us. A purpose to break down barriers. In times of selfishness I remember that moment, the moment that told me that art is a communicative tool to teach and inspire; why wouldn’t I want to be apart of something like that.

The performance week was a wicked ride. I personally feel like it was a period of true connection between everyone involved with the creation of Experience Collider. The work was direct yet required attention, teamwork and effort. The days were long but incredibly well spent and every show was rewarding. It felt right for all performers to have a stage to express their own stories, potential and skills.

It was simply, wonderful.

I must give thanks to the creative directors Sam, Bernie and Laura as they opened the door of true contemporary art for myself and many of my fellow cast members. I’ve learnt things that will forever impact how I see the world and how I perform as an artist, my deepest gratitude. The cast was an unexpected teacher of mine, my peers taught me the power of connection; which is profoundly apparent in inclusivity.

Experience Collider has been a privilege.