Wednesday 17 april

Making material

A lot of ideas tried out this week and a lot of material made. Some of the material was made in pairs or threes:
Josh & Isaac, Jana, Lila & Amelie, Arlo & Hugo, Izzy & Leila with Nel.

End of workshop reactions

Voices of the circus kids

"there're a lot of cool ideas going around"
"a unique opportunity... very intriguing"
"the dance stuff is a bit weird"
"a cool approach"
"the language barrier is interesting"
"learning to talk using physical language"
"learning new ways of interacting"

Tuesday 16 April

Story objects

People were asked to bring in a small object. Something which had meaning or a story, felt interesting to see or touch but also something they would be happy to give away. It could be  a part of something like the wheels from a skate-board, a pair of sunglasses, a soft toy or a spiky ball. They may end up being part of the design work on stage or they may just contain their stories. One group talked about the tortoise for a long time. For some people it meant comfort because the tortoise has a shell. For other people the tortoise meant old in age and time. Hugo chose a tinselly paperweight because it was crunchy and had weight. Arlo chose a spiky ball because it felt good in his hand. He liked the colour - "pink is a happy colour, you don't get sad pink it's always happy pink". Dayna chose Pooh because he's soft and squishy and reminds her of childhood, of good times.


Creating material for duets and quartets in first section "Hold".

Tuesday afternoon

Monday 15 April

This week's intensive workshop began with making contact. All together, in pairs, with hands and with name signs. Using hoists, aerial equipment, working on the floor and finding ways to speak to each other - verbally, physically, using sign, objects, sound and music.



Aerial entanglements with Dayna, Leila, Hugo and Izzy


Ashton & Sam

Sam: There are a couple of things here. There's a very simple base and a sit which we can practice with our partners... a little bit like leapfrog where these bases get made across the space and Ashton finds his way across them.. a seat on the hips, lay out and then move on. Ashton is actually amazing at is giving his weight. Did you see that? And he really found hip-to-hip. He knew it was right there.. move a little more.. there it is. Whoosh, he just goes. This is actually a really good one to build on.